What gave this performance of Madama Butterfly its force was (…) strong musical leadership by David Giménez (…) Mr. Giménez, a Spanish conductor, led a sweeping performance that had the Forth Worth Symphony Orchestra playing generally above its norm.

The Dallas Morning News, review of Madama Butterfly

Maestro David Giménez surprised the audience with a very lively and transparent reading of Wolf-Ferrari’s score, achieving a great triumph.

La Razón (Spain), review of Sly

David Giménez Carreras, (…), achieved a personal triumph and showed himself to be a conductor with clear ideas and an understanding of style to whom both the orchestra and chorus responded securely.

ABC (Spain), review of Sly

David Giménez conducted with equal portions of momentum and elegance, getting a vivid response from the orchestra.

The Baltimore Sun (USA), review of Faust

Conductor David Giménez’ tempi were well judged to convey the drama and power of the score as well as its melodiousness. Too often conductors become over-indulgent and the music then sounds old-fashioned.

WFOS-FM Radio (USA), review of Faust

Presiding over what is musically one of Portland Opera’s strongest productions is conductor David Giménez. He stresses contrast, nuance and clarity. He gets purposeful, finely articulated playing and singing from the orchestra and chorus.

The Oregonian (USA), review of La Bohème

Vibrant conducting and intense sound.

BBC Music Magazine (UK), review of La Bohème

David Giménez leads a tautly dramatic performance, with the Liceu orchestra giving him the many hues called for in a score that alternately insinuates, taunts, underlines and explodes.

Opera News (USA), review of Sly

By heart, and with his elegant and calm gesture, David Giménez Carreras conducted with cleverness and good results.

El Periódico de Catalunya (Spain), review of Sly

David Giménez carreras, with an ascendant career, conducted the famous Philharmonia Orchestra (…) the best Giménez Carreras’s ability is his way of touching lightly the melody, and taking care of an exquisite legato.

El País (Spain)

David Giménez Carreras accomplished an excellent performance, full of vitality and brilliance, and his task was flawlessly matched by the resident orchestra.

Ópera Actual, review of La Bohème

David Giménez Carreras proved great skill at conducting opera, (…) in some powerful pieces by Bizet and Puccini, and showing optimal expressive resources in symphonic fragments by the same composers.

Avui (Spain)

(…) colorful interpretations with powerful rhythmic gesture (…) showed the ability of Giménez Carreras to make the musicians familiar with the secrets of the score.

El Periódico de Catalunya (Spain)

David Giménez Carreras proved, with his reading of Tchaikovsky’s 5th Symphony, that he had explored the score in depth. And not only because he conducted it from heart, but also because he achieved an excellent orchestral performance.

La Vanguardia (Spain)

David Giménez Carreras (…)offered a transparent reading, and proved to be a good accompanist for the voice. He breathes with the singers, and he shows that he both masters and enjoys Bizet’s score.

La Vanguardia (Spain), review of Carmen

There were no loose threads in David Giménez Carreras’ inspired rendering with Orquesta Simfònica del Vallès, of which he is musical director. A master of the craft, he loves the voices and breathes with the singers.

El País (Spain), review of Carmen

David Giménez Carreras was right in giving priority to the internal vibration of the work over sheer volume, with the trembling of the strings representing the shudders of guilt. He introduced, and highlighted a growing feeling of peace, calming the terror to guarantee the emotion of a really calm Libera me. The character transitions, the control of the risky passages a cappela and the elegance of the end were all admirable

Avui (Spain), review of Verdi Requiem

David Giménez Carreras controlled the musicians at his orders with as much as authority as he was supposed to and, moreover, he did it with sense. He chose simplicity and solemnity; quietness (and, therefore, rest) in slow passages, power in the tutti, and an admirable balance in dynamic contrasts: with him, the orchestra achieved a much higher level than usual.

Ópera Actual (Spain), review of Verdi Requiem

David Giménez Carreras offered interpretations of sumptuous sonority, energetic and varied, rich in details, especially when it came to the Verdian song. The overtures of La forza del destino and I vespri siciliani, as well as the prelude of Aida were especially memorable, reminiscent of Muti and Toscanini. The accompaniment was delicately balanced, patiently felt, with a sensitive contracanto.

Scherzo (Spain)

Conducted by David Giménez Carreras the OSV offered us a Danza del Molinero from El sombrero de tres picos full of rhythm and color… A clear version of Brahms’ 2nd Symphony corroborated the OSV’s good form and David Giménez Carreras’ ever growing reputation.

Revista Musical Catalana (Spain)

Very sincere applause for Giménez Carreras’ baton, penetrating the scores and bringing forth an impressive substance from their outlines.

ABC (Spain)

From the pit, David Giménez proved that he wields a baton of significant weight, getting the most out of the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra on a night of zarzuela which the audience received with noisy enthusiasm.

ABC (Spain), review of Katiuska

Sagi´s theatrical creation is outstanding and, David Giménez Carreras´ conducting is of an equally high standard. The (…) Catalan conductor imparted real character to the music by the Basque composer, bringing forth refined, stylish playing from the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra in the scenes which are so representative of the author, after the above mentioned faux Russian early works. As well as the clear colour and great expressiveness of the orchestra, the connection with the chorus and the singers was also of the highest grade.

Deia (Spain), review of Katiuska

David Giménez Carreras achieved a perfect equilibrium between the orchestra and the chorus and a sound as homogeneous as it was rich in nuance.

Diari de Sabadell, review of Mozart Requiem

A (…) conductor who has attained a style more and more immersed in the elegance that characterizes him, analytical and communicative; he gave a pertinent interpretation of Schubert´s Tragic Symphony.

Avui (Spain)

David Giménez Carreras´s careful and precise conducting deserves a special mention. He coordinated the sound of the orchestra excellently, and they gave one of their best performances of recent times, both in the overture of Le Nozze di Figaro and in Johann Strauss´s Gypsy Baron, as well as adapting magnificently to the singing of the two star performers in this excellent Christmas concert.

La Vanguardia (Spain)